School Library

School Library

The school library at St. Kevin's College is an excellent resource which helps our students realise his/her potential. Extra-curricular activities are also available to enhance learning experiences.

The JCSP Demonstration Library Project

St. Kevin’s is very lucky to be part of the Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP) Demonstration Library Project, a National scheme that provides a full library service to 30 public secondary schools in Ireland. Every Junior Cycle class has at least one scheduled lesson in the library per week, but the library is also open every morning before school, most lunchtimes and after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well.

There is a wide variety of materials for students and staff to make use of, both for study purposes and for personal reading. Newspapers are bought every morning, and Mr Kettles the librarian takes requests for new books.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Accelerated Reader is a programme which enables Mr Kettles and the English teachers to track students’ reading progress. All 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students at St. Kevin’s College have an “AR” account, and are given achievable reading targets every term. When a student finishes an AR book he/she will login to their account to take a quiz on that book. Depending on the length of the book, 60% or 70% correct is a pass, and the number of words for that book will be added to the students’ overall total.

There are different levels of books on Accelerated Reader, and students are encouraged to read harder books when they consistently score higher than 90%. There are prizes for passing quizzes and also for reading books over the holidays. Parents are encouraged to regularly check their child’s progress by logging into “Home Connect” with their child’s username and password.

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Chess Club

Chess ClubChess Club

Chess is very popular at St. Kevin’s, and there are over 20 boards in the library for students to play on whenever they get the opportunity. Most mornings Mr Kettles plays a very close game with one of several early risers, and usually loses!

There is a weekly Chess Club that takes place during Thursday lunchtimes, and most weeks 20 or more students sign up for a roll and three timed games. We have a running league at St. Kevin’s, and the top spots are displayed on the hall monitor all week.

Playing timed games for our league means that St. Kevin’s students are well prepared for tournaments. Tournaments are a great way for St. Kevin’s representatives to meet other students, as these events are generally held in other JCSP library schools. Whenever there is a tournament held in St. Kevin’s, members of the Chess Club who are not playing act as ambassadors for the school.

Brass Lessons

Brass LessonsBrass Lessons

Mr Kettles has made links with two community organisations to provide brass lessons to interested St. Kevin’s College students:

St. Agnes Community Centre for Music and the Arts provides instruments and tutors to the college, which the library pays for.

Crumlin Youth Band rehearses once a week in the Moeran Hall in Walkinstown. Lower Crumlin SCP pays the subscription fee for St. Kevin’s College students who wish to join the band.

In addition to this the St. Kevin’s College brass students perform at the JCSP Christmas and Summer Celebrations, and occasionally visit other schools to demonstrate their instruments.

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Digital Library

JCSP Digital LibraryEvery St. Kevin’s College student, member of staff, or parent of a student has access to the JCSP Library Project Digital Library. You can download and read (or listen!) to up to three books at a time onto your computer, phone or tablet.

You can access the Digital Library by downloading the “Overdrive” app. Search for “JCSP” and select the JCSP Library Project Digital Library. You will need your ID and PIN to login, which Mr Kettles will give you. Additional information can be found at the links below. You can also email Mr Kettles if you have any difficulty accessing the Digital Library.

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Social Media

St. Kevin’s College Library has been active on Twitter for since 2015. Following the feed is the best way to keep up to date on the many initiatives and events run in the library.

However, Goodreads is new to the library. We don’t have many reviews up yet, but we’ll keep adding new ones until every book in the library has been reviewed! Please feel free to email Mr Kettles your review if you have typed one.


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