School Structures

The wellbeing, attendance, behaviour & academic performance of our students is of paramount importance here at St. Kevin's College. Our school structure which consists of the deans, tutors and students ensures that the highest standards are adhered to.

The Dean

Each cycle of study has a dean who is responsible for the overall performance of each student. The dean of Junior Cycle is Ms. Vero and the dean of Senior Cycle is Mr. Reynolds. The dean oversees the attendance, behaviour and academic performance of the students. The dean will also oversee the referral of students for extra in-school supports. Should a student become ill during the day the dean will contact the parent/guardian.

The dean of discipline is Ms. Farrell. The dean of discipline is responsible for serious discipline issues that may arise from time to time with students. The dean of discipline also ensures the follow-up and resolution of these serious issues. Referrals to the dean of discipline are escalated by the dean of Junior Cycle or the Dean of Senior Cycle. Contact will be made with parents/guardians if the behaviour escalates to the dean of discipline.

The Tutor

The tutor is a vital support for students and is the first person that a student meets each day. Along with the dean, the relationship between the student and tutor is key to the wellbeing and success of a student in school. At the beginning of the day the tutor will usually check student’s attendance, notes in the student journal, parental contact in the journal and follow up on any absences. The tutor is the primary contact for a student who may become ill during the day. If a student needs to go home the tutor will refer the student to the dean.


The example of senior students is of vital importance to the success of all students in the college. The staff of the college recognises that they can offer a positive example, like an older brother or sister. We encourage senior students to value and model personal wellbeing and high academic performance. They may also offer a point of contact to new or first year students who may be unsure about something in the college.

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