School Week

The School Week at St. Kevin's College

The School Week at St. Kevin's College

The school week runs from Monday to Friday and has 28 one hour timetabled periods. A wide range of activities are offered before school at lunch time and after school that will enhance students personally and in their future careers.

Breakfast club runs from 8.00am and lunch is forty minutes. Study is offered on Tuesday and Thursday after school. School finishes at 12.50pm on Wednesdays, allowing students to participate in a range of sporting and cultural activities that are run by the CDETB SCC (Sports and Cultural Council).

School Timetable

Time Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
8.00am Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast
8.50am Assembly* Assembly* Assembly* Assembly* Assembly*
9.00am Class Class Class Class Class
9.50am Class Class Class Class Class
10.50am Class Class Class Class Class
11.50am -- -- Lunch Club -- --
12.30pm Class Class Class Class Class
13.30pm Class Class Class Class Class
14.30pm Class Class Class Class Class
15.30pm -- Study** -- Study** --

*Tutorial/Year Group Assembly
**After School Study & Business Class

Homework & Study

Homework is vital part of student life. It is essential that a good homework and study routine is established in the early school years in order to secure a student’s full academic potential. Homework should be written in the student journal, completed on time and to a high standard and presented on time to the class teacher. Parents should check that homework is completed and sign the journal each day.

It is very important that students have a quiet and organised place to do homework. It is best to do homework on the night it is given. A note will be accepted by the teacher for non-completion of homework but the homework must be given in the next class.

It is important that students develop a solid study routine from first year through to sixth year. Good study begins with a study plan; an example of this is available in the school journal. The journal also contains useful study tips and techniques. A study skills seminar is held for all third and sixth year students. The focus of study should be revising material already learned, learning new material and examination techniques. Study should be done after homework.

After School Study

After school study is offered to all students of the college on Tuesday and Thursday beginning in September. This is supervised by teachers. It is anticipated that all students would avail of this. We would encourage all first year students to attend this in order to establish and maintain good homework practices.

Students from third and sixth year will be offered the opportunity to establish good study practices. Teachers are available to advise students on study techniques and answer any questions that students may have about curricular work and examination achievement.

The College Journal

The college journal is the key way in which parents and the school communicate. The journal provides key information on the day to day operation of the school. Information around student timetable, planning for homework and study, the College expectations and Code of Behaviour, student supports and student wellbeing, student council and academic notes in a variety of subject areas.

Students should record homework given, the time taken to complete homework and tick the homework when completed. Student attendance and notes from teachers are recorded on a daily basis. This should be checked by parents each night. To the back of the diary there are pages to record early release permission and absences. These should be used when a student is absent from school for any length of time. Notes must be given for each absence from school either before the absence or immediately after the absence.

A replacement journal is available at the cost of €15.00 where a journal is damaged, defaced or lost. This must be replaced within three days.

The School Uniform

The school uniform is one of the primary ways in which a student of the College identifies themselves as part of the school community. It is expected that students attend school each day in full school uniform. There is no formal PE uniform, however, students must wear appropriate PE clothing and footwear. For health and safety reasons students are permitted to wear one stud in each ear, a watch and a chain which is tucked behind the school shirt. Other visible body piercings are not permitted while in school. Make-up is permitted for senior cycle students and must be worn discretely. Hairstyles should be neat and colour within the natural range of colour.

Students are expected to wear their school uniform on all school activities. The uniform is available to purchase from The School Warehouse and Marie’s Fashions.

The school uniform consists of:

  • A crested navy jumper
  • Navy trousers for boys & girls
  • Navy skirt for girls
  • Blue shirt
  • School tie
  • Black shoes
  • For PE: Tracksuit bottoms/shorts, T-shirt & Runners (without black soles)


Each student is allocated a locker at the beginning of the school year. The cost of the locker is €10.00 and it is payable to Mr. Reynolds at the beginning of the year. It is compulsory for students to have a locker. Equipment that is not needed for class or homework and the student’s jacket must be kept in the locker. Students can access their locker before 8.50am, during lunchtime and after school.

Students who lose their locker key must purchase a replacement at the cost of €5.00.

School Assemblies

Each year group has an assembly once a week with the tutors and deans and a whole school assembly approximately three times per year. These assemblies are used to address exemplary behaviours, attendance and punctuality. We also aim to acknowledge sporting and academic achievements. Issues of importance and local issues are also addressed during these assemblies. At Christmas time we gather students and their parents and guardians together to showcase the good work and achievements of students. This gives an opportunity for students, staff and parents/guardians to celebrate hard work and achievements.

The JCSP programme awards ceremony gives students and staff the opportunity to celebrate achievements and hard work over the three years of the Junior Cycle. Students are presented with a folder of certificates and receive awards for specific achievements through their three years. The LCA awards ceremony reflects at the work and achievements of students in their first year of the LCA programme. Students receive awards for various aspects of the LCA programme.

The gathering for the sixth year graduation is the most important celebration in the calendar of St. Kevin’s College. It is with great pride that students, their families and teachers gather together to acknowledge and celebrate achievements in the life of the sixth year students. It is with great fondness and pride that Tutors, Deans and Principal reflect on each student. The presentation of achievement trophies is the highlight of the evening.

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